General Musings

Hello Again!

Hi there WordPress.

It’s me ‘Timony. You might know me from over on Blogger.

Thing is, I want a fresh start. A new vibe. A new look. A new home. And I’ve decided that it will be here! So, um, say hello – follow me – leave a comment. You know, be nice!

This blog will actually have a format. Much like I promised over on Blogger, but never quite stuck to. The plan is:

  • Monday – #WIP500 & General Writerly Updates
  • Wednesday – General ‘Timony Madness (basically whatever strikes me as important for you to know)
  • Friday – A bit of fancy #FridayFlash
  • Saturday – monthly blog challenges (might change it to Tuesday, depending on what you guys think)

I hope you all like the new place. If you don’t, you can always head back over to the land of Blogger for the old one, since I’ll probably be posting pretty much the same thing there. For a while anyway.

Much love and shiny thoughts,
‘Timony xxx


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