About Timony

“Tortured Little Artist”, Writer, Blogger, Poet & Other Fashionable Things


Timony Souler has been writing since she could string a coherent sentence together. It started out as an escape from reality, soon became a hobby and now takes up most of her brain activity.

Author of “Ghosts” and “Poetry, Prose & all the in-between things” – available on various platforms, including Kindle, Kobo and Nook.

Her current works are “In Progress”.

You can find her poetry, minifiction and other randomness on her various blogs:

Writings & Such

Is This Alt Lit?

Vorax Lector

You can also find her on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram where she likes to talk about anything, everything and all the in-between.

You can also find more info on About.Me!

She also likes drawing and pretending she can take photographs with artistic qualities.

When she isn’t writing you can find her exploring Vienna, taking #selfies, devouring the written word, drinking too much tea and admiring shiny things.


6 thoughts on “About Timony

  1. I tweeted you and I’m here writing too…I tried to respond to your “Rambling Thoughts” on the Is This Alt Lit? blog, but your “captcha” is impossible for me to see…not sure why – maybe it’s my computer security. I think you have my email address, but I think I don’t have yours..I want to give you my comments on that post of yours.

    Seek me out again.

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