#DiceGames Prompts

Week 1: 09.10.2016

1. “Wake me up when I’m famous”
2. A mysterious note & a padlocked door
3. Life behind closed doors
4. A magician, a scribe & a Knight walk into a tavern
5. Whodunnit?
6. “I never meant for it to turn out quite like that…”

Week 2: 16.10.2016

1. A zombie trapeze artist
2. The object in front of you
3. Writer’s choice
4. A fire, a teddy bear, a hidden treasure
5. Your favourite character is coming to dinner
6. A love story

Week 3: 23.10.2016

1. All the museums have disappeared
2. A horror story
3. You’re stuck in a lift with the world’s saddest clown
4. A gun, red sneakers, a pen
5. “What have you done this time?”
6. Pick up a book, turn to page 29, read the third sentence; use it

Week 4: 30.10.2016

1. Waking up in an alternate reality
2. Two bears running a circus
3. “Who the hell is _____?!”
4. Writer’s choice
5. Tomorrow you have a coffee date with Death
6. A photograph, a desperate ghost, a terrible waiter