It’s a Blog Post! 

Hello hello! 

Look at me regularly blogging! Crazy, really. I have so much time to sit around doing nothing lately! 

Yes, I’m sick. Again

I had eventually recovered from the cold/flu/ear-throat-chest infection malarkey last week, so I went back to work on Friday. And somehow managed to pick up the stomach flu. Brilliant, really. (are you guys getting as fed up of hearing this as I am of saying it?). 

But hey, I’ve had time to write a bit. Read a bit. Plan a bit. 

Planning! Ft. Glasgow Fog & salted caramel brownies (photo by Aneta)

Watch White Collar.

Just gonna leave this guy here…

The last couple of weeks have been kinda boring mostly, but I did have a few fun moments. So here’s some pictures! 


  • Glittery shoes & my trusty backpack
  • Ikea moon/pillow boots that keep my feet cosy & stylish
  • Peppermint tea (my saviour) in a fancy cup at a fancy restaurant (where I managed to enjoy my meal for about five minutes before… Well, stomach flu, people) 


  • Me on Monday morning pretending like I had recovered from the stomach flu (hahahaha) 
  • Boyf & I at like 3am looking bloody good (look at my hair!) 

How have you guys been? How’s NaNo? Are you watching/reading anything interesting? Tell me! 


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