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#NaNoWriMo & other stuff

It’s 23:36 – which means I have less than half an hour to finish prepping this novel I decided to write about four hours ago. (You can blame Em Taylor for that one.)

I was absolutely on board to do NaNo this year, I really was but I’ve been feeling pretty shitty the past month or three; next thing I know it’s the 31st of October and I’m wondering what the hell I should write, and whether I have the mental energy to be writing at all. I’ve been sick at least once a month for the past six months – and this time around I’ve had a cold I can’t seem to shake for like six weeks – that honestly doesn’t help with the mental health at all. I’m stressed about being sick and taking time off work, I’m sick because I’m stressed; not to mention that I’m missing out on all the social events I’d been planning on attending (including the Vienna NaNo Kickoff) which makes me feel worse, because I am a social creature.

So, here I am, now with less than 15 minutes til midnight, and I’ve not got a bloody clue. So far I’ve managed to come up with a vague plot (thanks again to Em for providing a starting point) and a lot of tea has been imbibed.

Ngl, the tea is good and I feel vaguely productive cause I ticked off two of the four things on my whiteboard already!

In other news, I’ve been rereading Rebecca Clare Smith’s books – and they’re pretty fantastic. I’ll probably do a more in-depth review of them at some point (someone should probably remind me to do that).

And I have a tattoo! It’s my first, and it’s probably the biggest decision I ever made – second to the whole “move to another country with almost zero money and zero plan” (incidentally the plot of my NaNo novel, kinda). It’s a semicolon, and it’s very very small but it means a hell of a lot. I keep looking at it and freaking out a little cause I’ve never been one to make permanent modifications to myself, mostly because I am so bloody fickle. But I did it, and it’s kind of cool.

My tattoo, and some other cool stuff. 

(I’m really looking forward to reading those books – along with the pile of others that are in my Reading Pile. I’ll get around to it eventually.)

Right, I’ve got five minutes left. Fuuuuck. Are you doing NaNo this year? Let me know what you’re doing, and add me as a buddy on the site while you’re at it!


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