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NeoCitran, Person of Interest & Nick Spalding 

I lost my voice this morning! And you know what’s super important when you work in a Kindergarten? Being able to talk to the kids! So, clearly I had to call in sick (that was fun, my colleague was left with absolutely zero doubt that I am slowly dying). I also had to cancel my coffee date with my fav, Aneta, because…well, what good is a coffee date when you can barely squeak? 

I’m alive! But also dying! But also looking fabulous!

So what did I do with my day off? Well, I binge watched Person of Interest – I’ve made it to Season 5, and I stg I am heartbroken that Jim Caviezel and Sarah Shahi aren’t gonna be on my screen for much longer. I f*cking love this show. I wasn’t sure what I’d follow it up with – because clearly I’m not going to work tomorrow – but a few people have recommended Westworld, and I’m really looking forward to it! 

I’ve also been taking a lot of NeoCitran induced naps. I don’t want to, but the pharmacist told me that the stuff that won’t make me drowsy also won’t help with the congestion and sinus pain, so I guess I’m stuck with regular napping! Downside, regular naps and general cold stuffiness leave me feeling a bit addled in the old brain region, so I haven’t been able to use this blessed downtime to actually write. 

In other news: I finally got my New Yorker magazine with the excellent Trump cover. I will dive into reading it tomorrow, with a flask of tea! 

I have also been reading a lot! I read Book of the Night:The Black Musketeers by one of my favourite German authors – Oliver Pötzsch – as with all of his books, it was fantastic! A great mix of history and fantasy. 

And then there’s my other new favourite: Nick Spalding. I finished Life… With No Breaks today; it was absolutely hilarious, and also surprisingly insightful. I always wanted to write a book like that, but never thought it would work. Suffice to say, I’ve been inspired! 

Spalding’s Scary Shorts is also excellent, and perfect for the run up to Halloween. The stories are funny, a bit creepy, and brilliantly written. 

And that’s it for today, I guess. What have you guys been reading and watching lately? 


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