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A Teeny Tiny Update 

Hi hi hi! 

First up, sorry I haven’t posted my Dice Games entry for last week, I’ve been very stressed at work and also cold-ridden, but I’ll do a double post on Sunday – promise! 

In other news, I’m doing an Instagram challenge from the 24th – I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen, but it seems like fun (and if @anetteheyho is doing it, then so am I, cause she does super fun cool stuff all the time). 

I’m getting pretty sick, and contrary to a certain tweet, I am taking care of myself – I’m currently posting this from the couch, snuggled under my slanket with a mug of Lemsip – and I’m super busy this week! I’m off to meet Aneta at the cutest cafe in Vienna (Wunderladen) tomorrow to plan planning stuff; I’m off to see the new Bridget Jones film with my bestie, Jasmin, on Thursday, and then I get to see my favourite rock band – Biffy Clyro! – ever live on Friday! I’ll probably tweet/Instagram a lot of it. 

Hope you’re all good! 


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