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#TheHappyAdventure – Everyone Always Thinks They Are Right


Everyone has an opinion – and everyone’s opinions are right… except for the part where they’re not. 

Let me tell you a thing – you’re always going to be doing something wrong according to someone; you’re  not cleaning your kitchen right, you’re wearing the wrong outfit, you’re not raising your kids right, your body is the wrong shape, your hair is the wrong colour… well, you get the picture.

Here’s another thing – I have been wrong almost my entire life. I’m too fat, I’m too loud, I’m too imperfect, what I want to do with my life is wrong…

You know what I’m not? All of the above!

But I believed all those things for so long. I spent years torturing myself – I developed eating disorders (that I’m still trying to recover from) – I felt ugly and stupid, I forced myself to be exactly what I was told to be. I quit following my passions, and I lost sight of who I was – because everyone else was right.

I quit being me.

It took me a really long time to learn that I am not the one who is wrong – that it is okay for me to look how I do, that it is okay for me to be loud and happy and share my joy, that it is okay for me to love what I do and be who I am.

The truth is that even though everyone else always thinks they’re right, they are not.

No one knows you better than you do.

Do not let other people’s opinions stop you from being who you are, and doing what you do. Love yourself. Live your best life. And fuck everyone else.


One thought on “#TheHappyAdventure – Everyone Always Thinks They Are Right

  1. It is hard for me to understand how you could ever have thought yourself ugly, fat, or stupid. You’re one of the prettiest girls I know and you have one of the best figures of any woman I know too. And you are one of the brightest people I know as well. Anyway, I can understand having feelings of inferiority. I spent much of my life feeling as if I was too short, too thin, often not very bright, and not very talented. I was well into adulthood before I accept myself as I am. You are right, no one knows himself or herself better than he or she does.

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