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#TheHappyAdventure – Now Is Better

Image Credits: Stefan Sagmesister/Tokyo TDC Exhibition

How often have you found yourself saying “I don’t have the time” or “I can do that later”? How often does that “later” turn into never actually getting around to doing it?

If you’re anything like me, the answer to those questions is probably “all the time”.

Do you ever get fed up of it? Cause I know I sure as hell do.

Around a year ago I decided that I needed to make a change – a big one, a small one, a somewhere in between one – it didn’t matter, it just had to be a change. I was so busy wasting time finding excuses that I never got all the things done that I wanted to do.

There are still things I cannot do – but these are only things that are limited due to financial constraints, and I know if I continue to work hard that’ll soon stop being an excuse too.

No, seriously, go make your dreams real. It’s worth it.

One of the first changes I made was how I use my time. I read a lot, and I know that I spend more time reading than doing ~anything~ else, and that’s probably bad. I challenge myself to read a lot of books on Goodreads every year– usually somewhere around the 100 mark, but this year I’ve decided to read a maximum of 6 books per month. That’s a tiny change (but a seriously difficult one for me, since reading is my favourite escape) but it does free up a lot of my time for other stuff, like washing the dishes immediately (read: within an hour) after dinner, or writing an extra 200 words on top of my usual 400, or putting on a load of laundry, or wiping down all the glass surfaces (there’s a lot of mirrors in my apartment, I wonder why?).

I also took the two-minute rule into account – and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done – “if it takes two minutes or less to do something, do it right now”; this applies to everything I do, whether that’s cleaning, cooking, work related, making arrangements to see an exhibition or sending a friend a text. If I can do it now, now is better.

The result? My apartment is cleaner, my schedule is cleaner, my head is cleaner. My writing is better, my time is used better, my relationships are better. It’s making me pretty damn happy!

my ~*Happy Face*~

That’s life, but what about writing?

Now is always better when it comes to writing! I don’t know about you, but I’m always being struck by great ideas for short stories, or great lines of poetry, or even an idea for a drawing at random moments throughout the day – but I lose those ideas if I don’t write them down/record them/take a photo immediately! I’ve taken to always keeping my phone nearby, and a notebook & pens in my bag, and in various places around the apartment (big ones & small ones; hell I even keep a notebook when I’m out a ~*social*~ thing!) – and as soon as I’m struck by ~*Inspiration*~ I grab whatever is nearest and make a note of it.

I also use any tiny amount of time to open up whichever document I feel like working on and adding a sentence or five. On the train to work? Write. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Write. Ad break on the tele (do they still exist?!)? Write. Waiting for Boyf to hurry the eff up and get ready for ~*insert event here*~? Write!

Words of Wisdom, from yours truly.

Now is always better, so what are you waiting for? Go do that thing you were planning to do already!


3 thoughts on “#TheHappyAdventure – Now Is Better

  1. I have to admit I am awfully bad about procrastinating, especially when it comes to writing. I do have to point out an upside to procrastination, at least when it comes to non-fiction. I often find myself doing more research that adds something I didn’t know (and I assume my readers won’t) to any given piece! In other areas of life, procrastination probably isn’t such a good thing though.

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