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Pretty New Things!

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I updated here… I know I keep promising I’ll do it more often, but somehow I still end up choosing Tumblr over WordPress. I’m guessing it’s because I feel like Tumblr is just easier, and more casual, maybe?


I’m making a serious effort to sort out my priorities, by which I mean my life in general. I’ve been crazy busy, and I’ve had a weird af schedule work wise – so whenever I manage to get some downtime I’m either doing housework (boo!), socialising (cause that’s super important, y’know) or just writing stuff (journalling, mostly). Blogging has fallen by the wayside, and that makes me sad. I really miss posting regularly – especially my writing challenges (remember those?!).

I start a new job – as a Kindergarten Teacher! – on the 7th of March. And with that comes regular working hours, and more downtime for myself. So, I’m trying to figure out how to use that time productively. I’m hoping to spend more time on my writing, obviously, but I also wanna refresh those old blog challenges as well share interesting/fun/ridiculous moments of my life with you!

Awesome advice, in an awesome location!

I recently attended a blogging workshop run by Allison Langley – which was brilliant, and really made me refocus of what I want to do and achieve with my blog and my writing. It was also great fun, and I got to connect with some new folks as well!

In the meantime you can check out my “About Me” page to find all the places I hang out (and you can stalk me).


You can also buy my latest poetry collection – Ghosts (or How To Unbreak Your Heart) – on Amazon Kindle. It’s completely handwritten! And gorgeous! (I’m ngl, my handwriting is pretty impressive). I hope you’ll enjoy it! And remember, be nice to your authors by leaving a review on Amazon & Goodreads, and telling your friends about it too!


And that’s all for today, folks. Regular scheduling will commence… soon! Now, tell me, what have YOU been up to lately?


2 thoughts on “Pretty New Things!

  1. I left Tumblr as my primary blogging platform because I wanted something more feature rich and to connect with people who were creating their own works. WordPress as a community has some great people doing amazing work and sharing their lives and not their fandom which appeals to me.

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