The #AtoZChallenge, Art & an Apology in Advance!

Hello lovelies! How are you all?

I know I promised to be more regular with the blogging, and I promised stories – and I’ve not quite kept that promise, have I?

I’ve been feeling rather out of sorts lately, I’m not sure what it is exactly, but some days are whizzing by in a flurry of work and general busyness, and other days seem to drag by in a haze of lethargy. I’m sure I’ll get back to a general state of ‘normal’ – and by that I mean my particular level of normal, which is weirdness. I think it’s probably a mixture of working a lot, getting used to being in a whole new country (I’ve been here around 4 months, and it’s still a learning curve) and not having as many friends as I would like. It’s not all bad though, I get to spend my days looking at buildings like this:

Stephansdom, one of my favourite cathedrals
Stephansdom, one of my favourite cathedrals

I love this city, and Boyf has introduced me to a great bunch of people. I’ve also met a few great people through MeetUp. You should check out their blogs: Jack Volante, EJ Shoko, and Writing June.  They’re a great bunch of people, and fantastic writers. In fact, there’ll be an interview with Jack Volante over on Vorax Lector very soon!

If you’re a writer, or just a cool person, lost in Vienna like me please feel free to drop me a message. It’s always fun to meet new people!

Aside from being busy with work and dealing with weird lethargy and states of numb-over-emotional-overactive-brain, I’ve been arting.

1 3 4 (2)

I should really start up some sort of blog for my art, but in the meantime you can always find it on Tumblr or Instagram or my Facebook Page.

In other news, I signed up for the #AtoZChallenge – I did it a few years ago, and it was fun and I ended up connecting with a bunch of awesome bloggers too. So, I’m doing it again this year – and this is where the apology comes in. Due to crazy work overload, as well as a German Language course, I may not always have time to visit as many blogs as I can; and I might also fall off the wagon at some point – but I swear I’ll do my utmost to not let that happen!

I've started preparing already!
I’ve started preparing already!

I’m also still working on editing The Novel – and I swear I’ll make progress on it sometime soon.

And that’s all for now, folks. Tell me all about your writing adventures, and whether you’re planning on taking part in the #AtoZChallenge too!


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