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A Happy Place in a Far Too Hectic Life

I’ve been meaning to write this post all week.

I’ve been meaning to write all week.

I’ve been meaning to write.

Right now my brain is full of nothing and everything and I can’t focus on one thing because the twenty-seven other things I need to do are nagging at me. I have to clean, do laundry, finish building furniture, take all the cardboard to the recycling, edit my novel, write stuff… the list is never-ending.

I got v sick at the beginning of the week and it felt like my muscles had declared mutiny on me. I worked from my camp on the couch for Job Number One, had to take a day off Job Number Two because I didn’t want to infect the Four Year Old, and then I went back to Job Number Two on Thursday because I finally felt not-like-death.

This is me looking a whole lot less like death.

In between the getting sick and the going back to work, Boyf and I celebrated 18 months since we declared undying love. He bought me roses and took me out for dinner and it was all v lovely and I felt rather light and bouncy and unicorny.

Pretty pretty roses!
Pretty pretty roses!

Other than being sick and celebrating milestones of sorts and working my ass off, I’ve done nothing else productive. Oh wait, I’ve built yet more furniture – I swear that’s all I’ve done for like three months now. We were putting together my beautiful bookshelf last night, and I royally screwed up. After much angst and agitation I gave up, poured a large glass of wine and left Boyf to deal with the ‘oh shit these were so not the right pegs for this and they’ve gone right through the bloody shelf’ mess.

I’ve also done some of this…

Doodles... in a notebook that is supposed to be for writing. Oops.
Doodles… in a notebook that is supposed to be for writing. Oops.

And today I invested in some cheap art supplies, so I can work on my painting/letting go of the stress skills. I got some watercolour paints, coloured pencils and a new sketchbook; all to add to my ever growing collection of “Things That I Buy With the Intention of Doing Good (But Always Fall by the Wayside After a While Due to LIFE)”.


Yes, my desk is my happy place. It’s the first time in my life that I have carved out a writing space for myself, a space that I hope will have more permanence than the rest of my life has had. Speaking of ‘happy places’, what’s yours?

Now, I’m off to do what any self-respecting, 20-something does on a Friday night: pour myself a bowl of wine and read The Luminaries. #livingthewildlife


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