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Thinking Deep Thoughts

I’ve been working a hell of a lot lately. I have two paying jobs, which take up a hell of a lot of my time. And then I have a third job, which doesn’t pay, but it does leave me feeling rather accomplished and proud of myself. What am I talking about? Writing, of course!

A while ago I was stuck in a rut. I wasn’t writing anything – not even shopping lists! So I went trawling through Tumblr for writing prompts, and found a great list by Journaling-Junkie. Alongside a few others, which I’ll be using for posts in the future.


One of my favourite prompts was ‘Why You Write’ – that got me thinking about it. Why do I write?  I could say it’s because it’s one of the few things I’m good at, or because it’s all I know how to do, or because this is how I escape from all the things I need to escape from.

Truth is though, I can’t pinpoint exactly why it is I write.

Writing to me is like breathing. It’s what I do without thinking twice about it.

It’s who I am and who I want to be and who I always will be.


So, now it’s your turn, why do you write?


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