#TimonyChallenge · Blog Challenge

#SpilledSecrets – A #TimonyChallenge

So, it’s October, and we all know what October means, right?

Of course we do – it’s All Hallows Eve! It’s a writer’s favourite time of year (well, mine anyway) – all those monsters, ghouls and goblins we keep hidden are coming out to play. And in honour of that I am presenting you with another (long overdue) #TimonyChallenge.


Your prompt? Simple:

Write about the monsters under the bed,
the bodies buried in the basement,
the skeletons in the closet.
Let it all out. Go ahead, let those secrets spill!


  • Sign up using the inLinkz below
  • Word limit is 500 words
  • You must use the phrases ‘It all started because of…’ and ‘I never realised it would be so…’
  • Post entries on the 31st of October
  • Use #TimonyChallenge and #SpilledSecrets to tweet about it!


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