‘Inspirational Value’

You told him he was of ‘inspirational value’ once, but he’s become just a little more and a little less. He’s the first thing and the last thing and just about everything in between.  He’s something to look forward and something to regret. Butterflies and knots and Sinatra humming something about forget-me-nots.  The bounce in your step and the smile on your face and the reason you do the things you’d forgotten you still knew how to do. He’s the one that makes you feel like you might actually belong and maybe ending up here  wasn’t such a bad idea after all. He’s a reminder of how some things are just never meant-to-be and that maybe hope still exists and Gene Kelly singin’ in the rain and how you’re breaking the promises you made to never fall again and how you fall in love too easily with the smiles that inspire you and the looks that make your heart stop for just a tiny fraction of a second. He’s become far more than just ‘inspirational value’. He’s every sleepless moment and every heartbreak that’s led you here to a place you came to forget and he’ll shatter you just as easily as the one he’s somehow replacing. 


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