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#DiabolicalDeeds – Day Two

The Promotion

Calum quietly surveyed his new domain. He had been battling Harold for this promotion for years and now he finally had it. He was the boss now. His gaze roamed over the vast halls and the black rivers, there was only one way to describe this place – caliginous, and he loved it. Calum took a seat in the newly carved throne. “Bring them in” he commanded. The mortal souls shuffled in and began wailing when they saw Calum in all his glory – he was the Lord Calu now and the cacaesthesia these souls were experiencing was all his doing.


2 thoughts on “#DiabolicalDeeds – Day Two

  1. Nice! In retrospect I wonder if I should have written more from the demons’ points of view, because this was a great way to really get into it with the word limit.
    So many chthonic deities around the world, I like the idea of them battling in an infernal hierarchy for domain over the underworld. And it’s always fun seeing someone who really enjoys their work as the Lord Calu does.

  2. I like how you’ve got him really enjoying his power trip. You can almost imagine him spinning round on his throne and putting his feet on a desk. A well painted character!

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