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#DiabolicalDeeds – Day One


An Offering


Look at her, lying there, achroous, lifeless. Perfect, wouldn’t you say? I’m trying to remember her as she was before I dispatched her to the great soul-devourer, the great goddess Ammut. Do you know of her? I hope you do, because you’re going to be meeting her soon. This one used to be what you would call ‘pretty’ – hah, you don’t know the meaning of the word. Look. She is beautiful now, I have made her beautiful. I just hope that the Goddess appreciates my adactylous offering. Now, get comfortable, you’re next.


5 thoughts on “#DiabolicalDeeds – Day One

  1. Guess I’ve been a little out of touch, this “chick lit” thing sounds interesting. Can’t say as I’ve heard anything about it.

    On to the actual piece, it’s strange.. 100 words is how flash fiction challenges started for me, I got used to the length and then expanded out to where I’m more comfortable with say 250 words, and the difference is incredible. All of mine this time around I felt like I needed more words, and get that feeling a little from this entry too.

    I want to spend more time with this ‘artist’ and really take in the scene–that said you do a brilliant job of creating immersion in so few words. Mutilated offerings to demons/gods are always good story fodder.

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