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#TimonyChallenge – #DiabolicalDeeds

Hey hey! It’s that time again, a new #TimonyChallenge is being issued and, as it is the month of October, we’re going all out with the demons!

Here’s how it goes:

You have five days, a demon and two rather obscure words – your challenge, should you choose to accept it not that you have a choice is is to write a piece of no more than 100 words.

The Twitter Hashtag: #DiabolicalDeeds

So, are you game?

Monday 22nd October:

Demon –Ammut

achroous – colourless
adactylous – lacking fingers, toes or claws

Tuesday 23rd October:

Demon – Calu

cacaesthesia – morbid sensation
caliginous – dim, misty, obscure, dark

Wednesday 24th October:

Demon – Humbaba

habromania – extreme euphoria
Herrenvolk – ‘Master Race’, superior nation

Thursday 25th October:

Demon – Sthenno

saccadic – jerking and twitching
sussurate – whisper, sussurant

Friday 26th October:

Demon – Zagan

zoic – showing traces of life
zymosis – fermentation; process resembling fermentation in development of infectious disease


19 thoughts on “#TimonyChallenge – #DiabolicalDeeds

  1. I’ll give it my best shot, but feel like my absence from the internet came at a bad time in terms of preparing for this one. Could be hard getting my entries done promptly.

      1. I was offline for a week or two while this was being set up–but now I see it’s the end of the month so actually should be no problems on my end. Been hectic on this end lately.

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