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‘Timony’s Back!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, did you miss me? I missed you!

It’s October, you know what that means, right? NaNoWriMo is less than a month away! I have an idea… but no plan. I’ll fix that soon enough.  In the meantime, I am planning another #TimonyChallenge – it should be up by the end of this week. I’m expecting all the usual suspects, but I do hope that my new followers will hop on board too. Also, hi new followers! Come talk to me.

In other news, I published a poetry chapbook – you can buy it here! I’m also a part of Inkslinger Books – a new project set up by a few Indie writers to help promote and create a community of sorts. I do hope you’ll check out the anthologies they’ve already published!

I am making a concentrated effort to organise myself now – I’m currently at University, and part of AIESEC, and trying to make time for blogging/writing/working on the new book (which I will tell you about in a couple of days)!

And if you’ve missed my writing, which I’m sure you all have, go and check out the archives on my Tumblr!

Tell me what’s going on with you guys? Are you excited about NaNoWriMo? How are your writing projects going?


One thought on “‘Timony’s Back!

  1. Welcome back! I have several irons in the fire right now. Wife & I have a zombies anthology coming out later this month. My first book for Visionary Press – Keldane the Cursed (remember him) is underway for release in the near future and I have two other books in the pipeline not very far behind that. Glad to hear about your successes as well. 🙂

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