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The Dice Games Are a-Happenin’… Again!

You guys, you guys!

‘Timony is back. And she’s got an awesome challenge for you, again.

‘What is it?!’ I hear you cry. Well now, let me tell you!

Yes, that’s right. The #DiceGames are back.

You know you love it.

I also have to say a massive thank you to the ever-awesome Rebecca Clare Smith, and the slightly-less-awesome David W Duffy for their help with the prompts.

This challenge will run over 3 days:-

  • Monday 4th June
  • Wednesday 6th June
  • Friday 8th June
So, the RULES:
    • You will roll a die – THREE TIMES
    • Each number you roll will give you a PROMPT (Which can be found HERE)
    • You will post a piece (between 250 and 750 words) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    • Everybody will have FUN and become reacquainted with the insanity that is my brain.


 That’s just not cool dude. 

Sign up below!


16 thoughts on “The Dice Games Are a-Happenin’… Again!

  1. Hhmm… 5, 2 and 1… I feel like rolling that 5 for the first day is going to give me trouble–otherwise I’ve got an idea for a decent 3 part story… If only I were better acquainted with Stargates…

  2. Almost panicked, I’m going on a trip on 9th of June and maybe without internet. I’m in and have tagged you (Lucky 7) because I love to read your craziness.

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