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WTBH Wednesday: The Slightly Late Edition

Hallo and welcome to yet another edition of WTBH Wednesday!

I don’t have anything particularly interesting for you today, apart from the challenge that I have set for March. We’ll get to that in a minute, first I have a few links for you!

First up, I’ve mentioned the Post Punk Book Club before – check it out on Tumblr! And we also have a Twitter account now – find us under @PostPunkBC

Secondly, the second edition of Rebecca Clare Smith’s #SatSunTails will be up on Saturday! Make sure to take part in it – it’s going to be great fun!

And last, but by no means least, check out my personal Tumblr ‘Toxic Musings’ for more of my writings, musings and the like!

Now – onto the bit you’re all eagerly awaiting!

Edit: I had a bit of a think (and some helpful feedback) on the prompts for this challenge, and I’ve decided to change them! Hope you like the new ones 🙂

The challenge day will be Tuesday – because Rebecca has hijacked Saturday. But it’s her birthday, and I bought her chocolate, and I love her – so it’s all good. Sorry, a little off track there… back to the challenge!

March Madness! 

(I say madness because… well, it is.)

You know the rules as well as I do – only this time you only get 200 words!

    • Belial: vessels of iniquity and inventors of evil things
    • Asmodeus: vile revenges
    • Astaroth: inquisitors and accusers
    • Mammon: tempters and ensnarer
These are four of the seven ‘Princes of Hell’ – click on the links for more information. Use the demons, or use their ‘actions’ as you will. Enjoy!

So sign up, and get to writing something good with my rather vague prompts!


6 thoughts on “WTBH Wednesday: The Slightly Late Edition

  1. Yaaaaay birthday chocolate! Yaaaaaay Jesus! Not yay turning water into wine as I tumblr pointed out. But it is okay. I will point this out again. It will be done. Muahahahaha

    Also – Huzzah for the pimpage!

  2. I’ll see if I can tease an over-all narrative out of this, though when do we get another challenge with more cohesive formula/structure? My favorite challenges of yours have still been the 7 Sins/Virtues and Divine Hell–though the rest have still been fun.

    1. I do love the Princes of Hell–though this definitely takes the challenge in a different direction. Without the spring/resurrection theme I probably won’t be talking about the little girl with the cat who turns into a catgirl. This may be a place to revisit Kerri’s Creatures though…

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