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#DearValentine: Episode Three

A Fairground Surprise

A simple note upon a pink box had awaited Linda at the top of the tower.

‘Take the car, follow the GPS. I’ve missed you darling’

The box contained a set of keys that unlocked a black Mercedes convertible. Linda didn’t bother to question any of this, if it truly was Sian then Linda was used to her elaborate schemes. Linda eventually brought the car to a stop at a chain link fence. Hopping nimbly over the chain she walked towards what had once been a place of joy and laughter. In the centre of the rusted and broken pieces of metal sat a carousel.

Sian had heard Linda before she saw her. She was excited, and a little apprehensive about the meeting too. It had only been a month since she and Linda had last spoken, but it suddenly felt like an age. She smoothed her hair, and glanced at her reflection on the mirired carousel. Yes, the white backless tuxedo did bring out her features rather well. The gun in her hand set it all off perfectly.

Linda spotted the gun first, and instinctively reached for her own before remembering she had left it in her desk drawer at home. The smile on Sian’s face did little to ease her apprehension. “Sian, what’s going on darling? Why are we here?” She tried to keep her voice level, the gun was now pointing straight at her, and every step she took forward gave Sian a cleaner shot.

Linda had slipped into her cop routine, Sian laughed gaily, “Linda, my darling, nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to make sure you came alone, like I asked you to.” She took a few steps forward, her Jimmy Choos clacking on the old metal of the carousel. She wrapped her arms around Linda’s neck and kissed her passionately.


2 thoughts on “#DearValentine: Episode Three

  1. Ooo, white backless-tuxedo! I love it, wish I’d thought to make it backless in mine!

    “…if it truly was Sian then Linda was used to her elaborate schemes.” Absolutely love that line. It moves Sian from someone who obsessed over Kiernan’s infidelity to someone who pays that kind of obsessive attention to detail to everything.

    Sian might actually end up being the one I like in this. Sounding like a mad-genius, and I’m assuming pulls off the awesome backless-white-tuxedo look.

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