WTBH: MonWednesday Mash Up!

Hallo there my lovelies!

You may have noticed my light absence as of late – there’s two reasons for this, the first one being that I’ve been a little scatterbrained and preoccupied. The second, well, I’ve been sick! I have the plague (read cold) and a chest infection. It’s been awful. I don’t do sick. I really don’t. This video (of me sounding very hoarse) explains it.

‘Timony Musing Video 😀

 (I really wanted to insert the video – not sure how to)

Anyway – as I missed Monday’s posting, I will update you all on the writing progress! I’ve been writing a lot of poetry, I also recorded myself reading one of my old poems – ‘I Knew You Once’ – you can listen to it here. I have also made a little progress on editing The Bronze Feather, and added some more to An Unholy Betrayal. I was so sick on Sunday that I didn’t write a thing, but I made up for it! My current count for #WIP500 is a pretty awesome 30,956  words ((not including today’s writing, I still have a few hours of Wednesday left!)!

Now there’s a couple of really important things I want to tell you guys about – the first is a proposal for a new writing thing (like #TuesdayTales and #MenageMonday) by the ever amazing Rebecca Clare Smith. Go on, read the post and tell her whet you think! Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea (and not just because I ‘egged’ her on.)

The second thing is The Post Punk Book Club – it’s a group of like-minded (read: ‘insane’) writers who come together when we can to discuss our current works and problems. It consists of myself, @LinkyGray, @KrystalBrookes, @KurtMcFry and @LostZeppo. We also write posts on Tumblr – which you can check out here. If there’s anything you think we should be discussing, let us know!

So that’s all from me for this ‘MonWednesday Post Mash Up’!

Tell me about you, how are you doing?


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