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#DearValentine: Episode Two

An Unromantic Getaway

DI Linda Hughes was in charge of the latest investigation. The body was that of a young male, possibly in his thirties, whose ID confirmed him as Kieran Blake. His face was unrecognisable, and the pick axe used to murder him was still embedded in his skull when she had arrived at the docks. Linda stared at the report on her desk, she had known Kieran and his girlfriend well.. It was obvious that this was a murder carried out by someone who knew him well, and Linda dreaded to the think that her best friend of ten years could be the one responsible. Of course, she knew it to be true, after all Sian had suddenly disappeared.She read over the case file one last time before turning off her desk lamp and heading home.

Linda sat back on the leather couch in her spacious flat and gingerly opened the box that had been sitting outside her front door. She recognised the handwriting, and she dreaded seeing what was inside. After ten minutes of deliberating, she pulled off the lid to be faced with a box of her favourite chocolates and a plane ticket for Paris. She knew who it was from, and though she detested the thought of what she was about to do, she set off for the airport.

Arriving at Charles De Gaulle airport she was greeted by a young man carrying a plaque with her name on it. He led her to a sleek black Bentley, and without a word drove her straight to the Eiffel Tower. He opened the door, and with a slightly clipped French accent bade her to take the lift to the top. Knowing exactly what awaited her at the top, she hesitated for a single moment before striding away.


3 thoughts on “#DearValentine: Episode Two

  1. Nice! A continuation of the first week. I do like ongoing stories. I guess the chocolates with the plane ticket to Paris wasn’t a very original interpretation of the prompt on my part though.

    I like the details in this one, like specifying the Charles De Gaulle Airport, for really concretely establishing the setting. Also I think I’m going to like Linda.

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