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‘Oh God… Another One?’

…is what the Mancreature exclaimed when I told him that I had started another novel.

You can’t blame the poor man for being so worried – he recalls November, and the madness it brought with it. He was ignored for almost an entire month. I fed him, and occasionally grunted a response – but he didn’t get much more than that. So, when I told him last week that I had a new novel in the works his groans were understandable. Of course, I soon alleviated his fears by explaining that there would be no ‘I’ve still got 35,000 words to write!’ every time he asks me for something.

Clearly, you’ve guessed that I have a new novel in the works, right? It’s got a working title of ‘An Unholy Betrayal’ (Thanks to Rebecca Clare Smith) and it’s High Fantasy – because, really, is there any other kind of book? (Of course there is, I just can’t write any other kind. ) This is it in one sentence:

The Guild Master has found the weapon he needs to destroy the world, only the ancient order of Holy Assassins can stop him, but can Shadow’s Mistress and her new companion resurrect the Holy Assassins in time to save the love of her life?

It totally sounds amazing, right? Right.

So far I’ve got most of it all planned out, and the characters have some depth to them, and I have a map. Oh, and about 8,000 words down. It’s been a good week. My #WIP500 count has steadily risen in the last five days or so, and I’ve started writing my 750 Words again, which is brilliant for mind dumps.

The Creative Writing thing I’m doing with The Art Stop is also going really well, we’re going to make a recording of monologues which we shall write in the next few weeks. It’s going to be made all fancy with music and what nots, and played at the International Womens Day conference in March – Exciting stuff!

That’s what’s going on with me – now tell me about you!



6 thoughts on “‘Oh God… Another One?’

  1. Hello to a fellow writer. I am also on my second Novel, first one was out last Nov….but I’ve only got two pages done so far. Been having a bit of a struggle with my creative process lately which is why I decided to start a blog. Maybe you will pay me a visit if you have time. I will follow you to read your new posts and I’m curious to know what the wip500 is all about. 🙂

    1. Hi Wendy! Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂 I know that old struggle, thankfully it’s gone for now! Wip500 is a great writing group on Twitter, to keep everyone motivated – basically you need to write 500 words a day. Check out Cara’s site here to find out more, and sign up!

      1. Sounds good! I will check out her site. I’m not very good with Twitter yet I’m afraid and I don’t even log in every day, but I will check it out. Thanks again. 🙂

  2. That’s awesome sounding, looking forward to reading it. High Fantasy is always my favorite. I’ve got one in the works myself, but I’ve got to get the other two books done and published.

    My wife feels your man creature’s pain. She rarely sees me other than when I need to eat or it’s bed time.

  3. Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I’m the secret reader! Right? Aren’t I? Because you’re totally mine. I feel we should have those heart necklaces best friends have but they should be half a book and say ‘secret reader’ on them… because I’m sad and have few friends in the real world…

    Really glad your creative writing meet up is going well. Perhaps one day (when I eventually visit) I will come with you and see what this awesome you speak of is all about.

  4. My manfriend’s said “not another one…” only when I’ve handed him flashfiction to go through and then there’s the horror of creating a good title.

    Love high fantasy and love the description. The words ‘holy’ and ‘assassin’ sound intriguing together, assassin usually brings to mind neutral or evil instead of good.

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