General Musings · WTBH Wednesday

WTBH Wednesday: Edition No.1

As you may have gathered from the title there – this post is going to leave with a huge ‘What the bloody hell was that?’ type of expression on your face.

I’m not really sure where exactly this post is going… so, um, expect a lot of random thought processes and what not. Speaking of random, I decided to enjoy a spot of lunch (whilst dying in pain and waiting for my therapy appointment) in Subway this afternoon. For some reason everyone, and this includes the ‘couples’, were all sat facing the counter. I have no idea why, looking over them (I like to sit on the high chairs, you see) they were all facing that way. It felt like being in a classroom. It was almost as if the lovely lady who made* my sandwich was about to give a sermon or some such. That didn’t happen, obviously, so I continued staring out of the window…

Anyway, apart from that amazingly interesting tidbit from my day, I haven’t much else to recount. I have been rewriting the epicness that is my NaNo Novel, and writing stories based on prompts from the ah-may-zing @Writing4Rent on Twitter. (That’ll be up on Friday by the way, you know if you want to, like, read it or something)

Gorsh, did you actually ever find anything about my ‘actual’ life interesting at any point at all? Because it appears I lead a rather dull existence. Really, I do.

So, tell me about you guys- what’s going on in the non-writerly portion of your lives?


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