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Hello my lovelies!

It seems that I have well and truly settled into WordPress. I thought to myself “I need to write a blog post.” and instead of clicking the Blogger button as I have been accustomed to do, I clicked the WP button instead! I don’t understand this newfound admiration any more than you do.

Anyway, onto the important stuff!

I began my 7-week (7 day really) creative writing course today, it’s not so much a course as it is a ‘group’. But it is good fun none the less. I thoroughly enjoyed writing at someone else’s behest, and letting go of my usual stresses about writing. It was fun! I wrote around 200 words there today – the story of my name (that was interesting), a game of ‘Consequences’ and a little inanimate object view point.

Since coming home I have drank lots of tea, pigged out on cake and added 455 words to my editing/rewriting of The Bronze Feather. It’s not a lot, but it’s writing and I’m happy with that. Who knows, I may feel the urge to write more later tonight and go crazy!

That’s pretty much it for today, hopefully I’ll have something a little more exciting for you next time, yes?

What about you? Are you writing/editing? How’s it going?


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